The kiss of the Crone

She grabbed me ín my chest, leaving me grasping for air. Telling me the time is now. No time to waste. No time to be fearful, no time to wait, no time to hold back. No more holding back. Allow. Allow. And listen.

You know it all. And you’ve known all along. Trust your knowledge and don’t be scared. Don’t be scared of chaos. Of war. Of the unknown. Of having the sense of feeling no solid ground under your feet. You will land. And this you know. So no more holding back. Let go. Show it all.

Take a step every day- to let go, to step into the amazing powerful woman you really are. No more holding back. Show it all. Relentlessly. Go for it. Go get it. You’re supported. Calmly. But steadily. No more holding back. There is no time. Let it flow. Let her scream. Let her laugh and let her Live. No more holding back. This life force- it wants to flow, freely and unapologetically. 

Then her grip loosens and her hand moves to my heart. She makes me feel loved, deeply. Seen. Caressed. Calmed. My heart. My great, great heart. It knows and feels and beats and hurts and doubts and knows even more. Your heart. Your heart. Your heart she says.

It is your heart. That’s where the magic lies. In your heart. I feel her all over my body a sensual flow flowing from my whom up my body. Feeling transparent, as if my body and hers and the world is one. It’s as if I’m lifted. The energy frequency high. White light transparancy. Then she lets go. And I, I am. 

Written by me after the transmission, ‘kiss of the crone’ from the book The Fierce Feminine by Anaiya Sophia